What is a quality recess?

Dr. Brickman has a wide breadth of experience and would love to meet with you for a free needs assessment. 

The following areas can be tailored to meet the needs of your campus:

  • One-on-One Recess Coaching for a Specific Student(s) (onsite)

Do you have a student or students who struggle with unstructured times such as recess?  Dr. Brickman can interview stakeholders and observe recess in order to create interventions that will assist students in finding personal success through improved communication, self-negotiation and agency.  Mentoring students in this manner is a “game changer” for recess.   

  • Group Recess Coaching for Specific Classes or Grade Levels (onsite and/or virtual)

Often schools report that one or more specific classes or grade levels where recess issues seem to arise more often.  Do your kindergarten students seem to not know how to engage and be social during this scheduled break?  Do one or more of your older grades have more aggressive (emotionally and/or socially) incidents?  Dr. Brickman can interview stakeholders and observe recess in progress to identify where the breakdowns are occurring.  Next, she can create interventions and coach the group(s) in ways that that will assist in group success rather the original issues were engagement, socialization or aggression. 

  • One-on-One for a Specific Educator (onsite and/or virtual)

If a specific teacher is expressing frustration with the desire to reduce or eliminate recess:

  • as a behavioral consequence
  • to complete classwork
  • due to incomplete homework
  • to provide time for remediation
  • inappropriate behaviors at recess

Dr. Brickman can complete a needs assessment with stakeholders to identify beliefs and perceptions which are impeding quality recess for all students. Next, she can create interventions that address the issues above and provide the needed tools for improving experiences both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Whole Faculty and/or Staff Professional Development (onsite)

This option can be tailored to the specific needs of your district and campus.  Contact Dr. Brickman for a free needs assessment which might include multiple areas detailed in the above descriptions.  

Recess does not reduce classroom instruction.  

Allow your students recess to promote classroom engagement!