So, you’ve arrived at a researcher’s work on play and recess and yet, there is RTI info?  Isn’t this counterintuitive?  Absolutely not!

Research demonstrates that recess is one of the most critical elements in a student’s day (Stapp & Karr, 2018) however, due to a general perceived need for more academic time on task (Brickman, 2021) and a specific need for more time for RTI (Massop, 2013), recess often is reduced or eliminated.  So, the kids who need excess the most….  Well, you get the picture.

We can do both!  

But how?  

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RTI is the liver of education.  No one likes it…  admin, teachers, parents and especially children…  BUT, what if there was a way to make magically change from liver to let’s say…  tacos.  Okay, that’s probably too far of a stretch but, how about changing it from liver to salisbury steak.  

I mean salisbury steak is still probably not your first choice on the menu BUT, it is generally less likely to be a “hard no” in a conversation.  Right?  And it is relatively quick and inexpensive to prepare.

We have made RTI hard because we said “do it” with very few instructions.  That didn’t work.  And then we demanded this huge papertrail.  That worked.  Right?  Okay, so then we began throwing dollars at the problem.  We bought big box interventions and that worked.Ummm… still no.

So…  what if I told you that my team can make this liver into salisbury steak?  

No matter where you are in the miry pit of RTI..  we can help you.

Do you need benchmark resources?

Do you need scheduling assistance?

Do you teachers need assistance with choosing free/inexpensive interventions? 

How about assistance with finding enough hands (and hearts) to deliver interventions?

Is the paperwork unmanageable? Do you need easy to manage docs?

Does your team need buyin?

Do you need fresh eyes to disaggregate your site’s data?

Does your team need direction in moving students up or down tiers?

We have easy and affordable answers to all of these issues.

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Massop, S. (2013). The true role of recess according to regular and special educators. East Carolina University.Stapp, A. C., & Karr, J. K. (2018). Effect of recess on fifth grade students’ time on-task in an elementary classroom. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education, 10(4), 449-456.